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  • State Criminal Defense (Misdemeanors, including DUI charges, and Felonies)

  • Federal Criminal Defense (White Collar cases and Narcotics Violations)

  • Mental Health Litigation (Criminal and Civil Matters)

  • Writs and Appeals (State and Federal Courts)

  • Administrative Hearings

    • Occupational Licensing Matters

    • Driver’s License Suspension/Revocation

  • Expungements 

    • Proposition 47

    • Proposition 64

  • Representing Military Personnel (Charged in Military or Civilian Court)

  • Select Civil Litigation (Please inquire)


With over 55 years of combined legal experience, Saria & Saria knows that protecting a client’s rights from the start of a criminal matter can mean the difference between a successful defense or a wrongful conviction. The criminal justice system is confusing and intimidating. We can help you understand each step in the process by explaining each proceeding and by helping you understand your legal rights so you can make informed decisions about your case. A hard-fought defense and fair treatment by the system are what we expect to provide to each client.      


Our office has extensive experience in the litigation of mental health issues in criminal and civil cases. When a person’s conduct is the product of mental illness, it is critical to gather evidence and to develop a strategy for a mental health defense. We have successfully defended the rights of clients with psychiatric needs and helped them get the treatment they deserve outside a prison setting. 


Whether or not we handled a case through trial, we can review a case and determine whether there is an appealable issue for which an appellate brief or writ can be prepared. Our office has prepared and argued appeals in state and federal courts. 

Active duty service members and military veterans facing criminal charges in civilian or military court have special concerns. We understand these issues and work to address them with minimal impact upon an individual’s service record and military career.  

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